About us

Our company

The Power of Possibilities is founded on the principle that human potential is vast and underutilized.

Therefore, we offer unique personal and professional development products, including workbooks and seminars, to help you reach your potential.

  • Workbooks that can be downloaded for hands-on completion or responded to electronically.

  • Workshops that are highly interactive, but include time for personal reflection and pondering.

  • Personal coaching that gives you the opportunity to expand your use of the workbooks and extend your experience with the workshops.

Our workshops


The Power of Possibilities offers a variety of professional development seminars and workshops at local business and community-based locations. Workshops and seminars vary in format from one-time sessions of several hours to multi-part programs presented over several weeks.


This workshop helped me look as the positive aspects of my dream and not just be overwhelmed because I’m at one end and my goals seem really far off.

Melanie M

I am at a crossroads regarding my job and retirement and this helped me work through all of that.

Rose B

The tools and wisdom of the leader made this workshop valuable.

Pam D