Coaching for Managers and Supervisors

Provide your managers and supervisors with individual or group coaching to improve their organizational, management, and people skills. Many supervisors and managers are promoted from within the ranks and know their job inside and out, but don’t necessarily know how to manage or motivate people.  It is a particularly daunting challenge for an employee to take that step up to supervisor and relate effectively to former co-workers who now report to them.

Help your supervisors and managers understand their own management style and the working style of their direct reports, so communication is enhanced and conflict is reduced.  It’s been said that staff don’t leave a job, they leave a boss. Don’t let that be the case in your company.

Coaching sessions begin with an on-line assessment to determine the supervisory style of the manager or supervisor who is being coached. The coach then provides three one-on-one, in-person sessions, usually scheduled over six weeks. Depending on the needs of the manager or supervisor and the business, three additional telephone coaching sessions are then scheduled, once every three weeks.

Additional monthly telephone sessions are then scheduled over the next six months to provide ongoing support and coaching.

Group coaching follows a similar pattern, although sessions are usually held in person with occasional conference calls.  Targeted skills training can be provided for managers or supervisors as part of the group coaching program – for instance, conflict management, performance evaluation, effective communication.

All coaching services can be adapted to the needs, schedule and desired outcomes of the business.