Strategic Planning

All businesses, no matter their size, need to do long-range planning, whether for the upcoming year or the next five. The Power of Possibilities offers a unique, visual, strategic planning tool that will assist you in clarifying your business goals and strategies in a relaxed, engaging, yet productive way.

The management, leadership, or supervisory team gathers for two three-hour sessions. During those sessions the facilitator leads them through a strategic planning process using the metaphor of a space journey.  With a large “map” taped to the wall, the facilitator, who serves as the “navigator,” takes the team through a ten-step “countdown to blast-off.”

Each team member is a member of the crew with a specific role during the planning session. For example, the CE0, manager or supervisor fills the role of pilot; a team member gifted at seeing barriers or obstacles serves as the security officer, and watches out for potential asteroids; another member effective at listening and summarizing takes the part of the communication officer.

The crew:

  • identifies the destination star (goal)
  • calculates their ship’s gravitational pull (what’s holding it back)
  • fuels the rocket ship (acknowledges team members’ strengths)
  • charts the journey (designates six intermediate goals and target dates for each)
  • stops at the space station to pick up supplies (names the people, places and things needed to make the journey successful)
  • prepares for the asteroid field (anticipates barriers and determines how to meet each one).

Finally, a detailed navigational strategy is prepared (action plan) which will enable the crew to reach each intermediate goal at the designated time.

If desired, the facilitator (navigator) can return several times throughout the year to help the crew assess its progress toward the year’s destination and help make any necessary “course corrections.”