Individual Strategic Coaching

The Power of Possibilities provides coaching that focuses on you as a unique individual with your own plans, goals, and dreams and your own unique story. This type of coaching is designed to help you set realistic, obtainable goals which ground you in reality while unleashing your ability to explore new possibilities.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a relationship, a process and a journey. We work together over time to build trust and respect. As your coach, I help you accelerate the process of growth by providing the tools and techniques for aligning your true values and principles with your plans, goals and actions. I am there to give you encouragement, support, and a safe place to speak the truth about your dreams, barriers and triumphs, no matter what their size.

Why coaching?

Coaching focuses on the mind, the heart, the spirit. In the 21st Century, we are so inundated by technology, information and change, we can lose sight of where we are going and what is most important to us. Coaching is a holistic approach to realigning your life journey to your inner compass. As your coach I help you discover expanded ways of thinking, improved emotional intelligence, and greater capacity for inner peace. Coaching also enables you to gain greater enjoyment from your work and career and balance all the aspects of your life.

How coaching works

  • Coaching is usually done over the phone, though geographic proximity can enable face-to-face coaching if that is your preference.  You initiate the call from a phone and a location that gives you privacy and is free from distractions.  Face-to-face coaching is done at a mutually agreed-upon public location, such as a coffee shop or restaurant, where we can talk with relative privacy.
  • Coaching sessions are usually an hour in length and initially conducted twice monthly as we establish the goals you wish to focus on.  After several sessions, some coachees choose a monthly coaching schedule. The number of coaching sessions and the endurance of the coaching relationship depends on what you, as a coachee, wish to gain from the coaching process.
  • Coaching requires commitment and accountability. You must be willing to take actions on your own behalf to reach the goals you set for yourself and take responsibility for your triumphs and your shortcomings, your successes and your failures.  My role is to remind you of what you have agreed to do, and encourage you celebrate your accomplishments, and learn from your challenges and struggles.
  • Coaching is not therapy or counseling. I am not a psychotherapist or licensed counselor. I am a certified coach. If you are in a lot of emotional pain or caught up with past issues, you may want to consult a professional therapist. If you are currently in counseling or under the care of a mental health professional, please consult with that person regarding the advisability of working with a personal coach at this particular moment.