Life Planning Parties

For an individual inviting a group of friends:

A Life Planning Party is a unique, interactive event at which a small group of invited guests serve as the “think tank” to help the host/hostess turn an idea, dream or concept into reality or to map out  the next phase of life or business.

Using a colorful, wall-sized planning tool, the “Navigator” captures the individual’s dream or vision and translates it into obtainable goals with intermediate steps in a reasonable timeframe.

The process uses the metaphor of a space journey in which the host is the “captain” and the guests are each a “member of the crew.”

The crew helps the captain:

  • identify the destination star (long-range goal)
  • calculate the gravitational pull (what’s holding the captain back)
  • fuel the rocket ship (identify the captain’s strengths)
  • chart the journey (name  six intermediate goals and target dates)
  • stop at the space station to pick up supplies (name the people, places and things needed to make the journey successful)
  • prepare for the asteroid field (anticipate barriers and determine how to meet each one).

The host/hostess receives two additional one-hour individual coaching sessions during which a detailed navigational strategy (action plan) is prepared which will enable the captain to reach each intermediate stop at the designated time.

Monthly or quarterly check-ins with the Navigator are also available to help the captain stay on course and to make any necessary course corrections.

For a group of friends each doing his/her own plan:

A Life Planning Party can also be arranged by a group of three to six friends who each wish to begin the process of identifying a dream for his or her life and developing a plan to accomplish it.

For these parties, each person is the pilot of his/her own ship and charts a plan on an 8.5 by 11 inch version of the larger wall-sized map.  Under the guidance of the Navigator, the participants share their goals and help each other recognize their barriers and strengths.

Because each person is working on his or her own life plan, the group comes together for three or four 2-hour sessions, so each participant can design one year’s “journey” toward his or her ultimate dream with the input and support of all the participants. The process and steps are very similar to Life Planning Parties focused on one person.

After the last session, participants can choose to work individually with the Navigator to design his/her Navigational Strategy – the detailed action plan that will help him/her stay on target.

Monthly or quarterly check-ins with the Navigator are also available to make any necessary course adjustments and help the person stay on course.

For an individual working alone with the coach:

Some individuals prefer the privacy of working on their Life Plan in one-on-one sessions with the coach, rather than inviting friends to participate in the process.

In this case, the process is similar, only accomplished in 1.5-hour sessions with the coach (Navigator), working with a small version of the planning tool.

Some people choose to ask friends/family to be part of their “crew” and provide encouragement and support after the plan has been charted.

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