Professional Growth Workshops

 The Power of Possibilities offers a variety of professional development seminars and workshops at local business and community-based locations. Workshops and seminars vary in format from one-time sessions of several hours to multi-part programs presented over several weeks.

 The workshops can be adapted and personalized for any group, organization, or club  that wishes to sponsor them.

 All manuals and workbooks used as part of the workshops will soon be available for individual purchase through this website.  Any programs offered by The Power of Possibilities can be adapted for individual study with support by a coach/tutor.

Among the current offerings are:

 4 B’s to Buzz Your Business Writing

Improve your business writing skills by concentrating on four Be’s:  Be Concise; Be Courteous, Be Clear and Be Correct. This course will help you buzz your business writing by avoiding excess words, avoiding redundancies, using positive words and statements, limiting jargon, writing in active voice, getting the details correct, avoiding frequently confused words, using correct punctuation and spelling and watching out for the four most common grammar errors.

Course Powerpoint and assignments also available as downloadable PDF, along with individual coaching, for an individualized training program. Contact Kathleen King at

Going Gracefully: Developing an Exit Strategy

Are you considering retiring, making a career move or going back to school?  That means in the near future you will be walking out the door of your organization or business for the last time. You are on the threshold. This program will help you make a smooth transition into your new life by guiding you through four steps:

(1) opening the door in front of you (paying attention to finances, transition, routines and opportunities);

(2) seeing the untapped potential of what lies ahead (relationships, hobbies, lifelong learning, unfulfilled dreams);

(3) stepping across the threshold (actions for a graceful exit, including unfinished projects, people to mentor, ways to get closure); and,

(4) closing the door behind you (identifying the  values, connections, accomplishments and skills you are taking with you).

Course manual available as a downloadable PDF file along with coaching for an individualized program.. Contact Kathleen King at

Lecture is Dead! Almost. Apply the latest brain research on learning to the classroom.

Are you a professor, teacher, or a subject matter expert who has been put in the role of trainer who wants to engage your students in actively learning? This course will help you:

  • find out what neuroscientists are telling us about learning
  • discover simple, practical methods to apply the latest brain research to curriculum development and classroom instruction
  • recognize the impact of your own learning style on your teaching style
  • empower your students to create their own life-changing learning
  • enliven your teaching with a four-step recipe for learning success which will have them savoring your subject.

Face-to-face course is presented jointly with Lisa Horst of The Learning Link. Course Powerpoint and handouts available as a downloadable PDF file along with one-on-one training for an individualized program.. Contact Kathleen King at