Possibilities – They Have Power

I confess – I’m an optimist. And now I’m a blogging optimist. Twice a month I plan to blog about possibilities. And I’m optimistic enough to believe I’ll have some readers!

Admitting to being an optimist might be a strike against me in some people’s minds. I just believe positive things can happen. Guess that makes me an optimist and a dreamy-eyed idealist. Well, strike two.

That’s okay in baseball – you get three strikes.

However, I am a realistic optimist. I recognize that the Cubs may not get to the World Series this year. I mean they almost did last year. And they currently have a fabulous record. My husband, who lived in Chicago as a teenager, is beside himself with excitement. It’s early September, so you can’t write them off yet, no matter what happened last year. If you did write them off, you’d miss all the fun and agony the season yet holds.  What matters is the possibility that this could be the year.

It’s the same for our lives.

If we write off our personal possibilities, we disengage in the very activities that could turn those possibilities into certainties. Yes, it is difficult to hold onto that World Series dream for the Cubs, and it’s often difficult to hold onto the dreams for our own lives. “Get real,” people say if we dare to speak our dreams out loud – dreams of starting our own business, making a living at what we enjoy doing, escaping the office politics. Funny how no one dreams of working at a mind-numbing job that eats at your soul.

Yet we allow kids to dream and imagine. In fact, we encourage them to do so. We want them to think creatively; unplug from those electronic devices and plug into their imagination. But eventually we expect children to grow up: be responsible, get a job, pay your bills, toe the line. And, give up their dreams.

I believe differently. I believe that we can be grown up and still dream, still consider that there are new and different and wonderful things waiting for us. I believe possibilities have power, give power, and unleash power – the power we have in our minds, hearts, hands, and souls.

When we examine our possibilities, consider what they represent, and find ways to begin living them, our lives blossom. Possibilities become concrete when we act on them, one small step at a time. We dream of being a best-selling author: we start writing. We long to go on stage: we take an acting class. We crave travel: we make friends with people from other countries.

In other words, we don’t wait for Tinker Bell to show up with her magic wand – we wave the wand ourselves.

Guess I forgot to tell you, I believe in fairy tales.

Opps, strike three.

Well, I won’t get to the World Series, but here’s to the possibility that the Cubs will!

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